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Yahoo!きせかえ 無料壁紙アイコン

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Yahoo!きせかえ 無料壁紙アイコン 应用程序

Popular characters such as Snoopy and superb views are all free! It is a home application that can change the wallpaper and icons of the home screen ♪

The Yahoo! Kisekae app (formerly buzzHOME) is a home app that allows you to customize your smartphone screen .

From popular characters such as Snoopy to superb views, All 20,000+ customizable themes are all for free !
cute ・ fashionable ・ cool , Providing all-genre customizable designs.
Wallpaper free, icon free home (home) app.

There is also a function to post your own home screen, so it is fun to make it!
Various users are posting Kisekae themes, so new designs will be added one after another ♪
Let's customize a cute smartphone that is easy to use for you.

The Wallpaper / Icon / Widget will not be dressed up according to the mood of Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter ?

\Thanks to 5 million downloads /
From March 14, 2019, buzzHOME has become a Yahoo! Kisekae app.
It is a home application that can be used easily and comfortably with easy customization and optimization for your favorite standby!

◇ * ― ◆ All popular characters are free ◆ ― * ◇

Snoopy, Moomin, Little My, Crayon Shin-chan, Doraemon, ONE PIECE (One Piece), Kanahei (Pisuke & Rabbit), Koupen-chan, Tsukkomi Bear, Friendship Bear, Sukeroku Everyday, Cute Lie Otter, 'Your Name is ', Osomatsu-san, Evangelion, KING OF PRISM, Sanrio (Hello Kitty, Gudetama, My Melody, Kiki & Lara, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, yoshikitty, etc.), Rilakkuma, Bonobono, Usavich, Cheburashka, Gachapin & Mook, Hatsune Miku, Mizumori Ado, Touken Ranbu, Ensemble Stars, Monster Strike (Monst), White Cat Project, ANNA SUI (Ana Sui), etc.

Wallpapers, icons and widgets are transformed into a world of characters and works.
Anime, manga, characters, singers, artists, brands, etc. can be used with confidence.

◇ * ― ◆ Feel the season ◆-* ◇

From the high-quality superb views and landscapes, you can choose the perfect one for the season.
Find the perfect one for you in the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons.

◇ * ― ◆ For women, men, cats and dogs ◆-* ◇

“Kawaii” is popular among fashionable women, while “Stylish” is cool and simple for men.
'Animals' of adorable cats and dogs, 'Flowers', a flower pattern that is a standard favorite, and 'Night Sky and Universe', where you can relax and relieve your mind.
There are many genres where you can find your favorite for cute women and cool men!
Choose from a variety of categories to suit your favorite background.

◇ * ― ◆ You can create a home screen and post. ◆ ― * ◇

Create your own post and share it with others.
Create a theme with your favorite photos and become a popular creator!
New designs are added every day!
You will surely find your favorite theme.
Customize and show off to your friends!

◇ * ― ◆ Your smartphone is transformed dramatically 劇 的 * ◇

Just download the Kisekae theme that comes with a set of wallpapers, icons, and widgets.

Frequently used apps (email, messenger, browser, game, LINE, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Weather, PayPay, camera, photo Processing, maps (maps), transit directions, telephones, etc.), as well as clock and battery widgets and search windows can also be changed.

Because it has an optimization function, it can be used quickly and comfortably.
Get an easy and stylish waiting now!


[Notice] Change of service name
Due to the integration of services, the names and logo designs of the buzzHOME app and Kisekae Gallery (website) have been changed from March 14, 2019.

Please check the announcement for details

[Information] If the Android OS setting 'Access to notification' is allowed, other applications may read the information notified by this application. See below for details.

■ Terms of use

■ Privacy

■ Software Rules (Guidelines)

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